The principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done.
- Jean Piaget


Hello, my name is Alessio

Software architect with 10+ years of experience in Space/Ground systems of the European Space Agency (ESA).

I'm an Italian who spent 11 years of my professional career in Germany and moved to Paris (FR) in 2022 for a brand-new life chapter. I joined Cardano in Feb 2021 and I share the same mission goals.

This stake pool rewards will be used to support one of the many project that I follow privately. I strongly believe that bringing education to people who don't have access is the best we can do for underdeveloped countries.

Stake Pool

Ticker: DEV

The DEV stake pool ID is the
pool1e2tl2w0x4puw0f7c04mznq4qz6kxjkwhvuvusgf2fgu7q4d6ghv (ca97f539e6a878e7a7d87d762982a016ac6959d76719c8212a4a39e0).
Check it on or

Hardware specifications:

The DEV stake pool runs on a high specs VPS (Virtual Private Server) equipped with 6-CPUs, 16GB RAM and NVMe Solid State Disks


The DEV stake pool is composed by two relay servers, and one block-producer server. One relay and the block producer run on bare metal machines, while the second relay runs on a high specs VPS, hosted in Italy.

network topology

The following map shows the DEV stake pool topology.

On top of that, in order to maximise the security, a locally stored and always offline machine is used, paired with a Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet.

You can safely stake your ada with DEV stake pool!

Remember, your ADA never leaves your wallet


Why delegate to DEV?

Supporting development and education:

Up to the 20% of all the rewards that the DEV stake pool gets are used to support the projects that support career development and education principles.


We are committed to share all the donations and stories behind the projects that this stake pool supports, in a transparent way. All the updates are regularly shared via the Twitter account


Thanks to my computer science experience I guarantee that the best techniques are always applied across all the managed servers of the DEV stake pool


The DEV stake pool servers are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure the best rewards for our delegators.


These are the educational project that are supported by the DEV stake pool. For the moment mainly african countries are supported but in the future other underdeveloped counters could be added, depending on the performances of the stake pool and the numbers of delegators.

If you want to support these projects and you believe that education can bring a brighter future, please consider staking your ADA with us!

Donations overview

I met Aliou during my trip in Africa in 2018. This trip was what started all my support projects in Africa. Aliou has three beautiful boys (from left: Papa Laye, Fallau and Babakar) and since then, I'm supporting their education.

In 2018 when I first met Aliou's family in Senegal

Babakar and Fallau studying and doing their school homeworks

Jeremiah is a student at the university of Baraton in Kenya, who's trying to major in Video Editing and Graphics Design. The DEV stake pool is supporting his studies by paying the university fees. You can follow Jeremiah on Twitter @PanAfricaner

I met Mutarr in Gambia during my African trip in 2018. I immediately like his determination and I wanted to help him achieve his goals. Mutarr life dream is to become a school teacher. He's a hard worked man with a lovely family.

Mutarr in the Gambian College waiting for a lecture.

Mutarr in the Gambian College after a presentation for a class project.

Mutarr finally became a school teacher at the end of 2022!

In order to honor the IOG delegation, in Jan 2023 we gifted Mutarr with a second-hand motorbike. This will tremendously easy his daily commute from/to the school where he teaches

I visited the elementary school in Wassu in 2018 and I was immediately shocked by the condition of the place. Even the Gambian government refused to recognise the school officially

Kids were attending their lectures sitting on the dirt, without even having a place to sit. This was for me heartbreaking.

With the help of the local community I managed to ask a local carpenter to build benches and desks for the Kids.

In few days a set of benches and desks were already made!

Together with the furniture, I also supported the locals to pavement the floor of the class, to avoid having dirt. The kids were very happy to finally have a place to sit and learn!

In order to get the Gambian government official recognition of the school, learning material was also bought for the kids.

Romeu is a kid from Guinea-Bissau that I started sponsoring back in 2013. At that time (in this photo) he was 8 years old.

I sponsored Romeu with SOS Children's Villages until 2019. SOS only allows sponsoring kids until they reach high school. Romeo loves playing soccer, especially as a goalkeeper.

This is the last picture I have of him. It was taken just before leaving the SOS village. Romeu now lives with his sister and he's in high school.

THOTH Cardano Bot for Telegram

THOTH is a Telegram Bot that sends notifications about transactions, rewards, etc. to users with Cardano accounts.

You can find the Bot at this link: @thoth_cardano_bot. Just send a command /help or /start to begin, and follow the help text!

Project homepage:
Project twitter page:

THOTH example THOTH example

Earn extra ADA rewards with the Early Delegator Patron Program!

How the patron programs works?

You can apply to be an early delegator and get up to 30% extra ADA rewards! It's super simple, just drop me a message on Twitter (direct) or Telegram DEV Chat Channel if you fall in one of the following brackets and you would like to reserve a slot.

The extra rewards will be sent directly to the Patrons at the end of each epoch, at the condition that the stake pool has successfully minted at least one block in the epoch.

Hurry up! The program has a limited amount of seats!


From To
Bracket 9,000 ₳ 25,000 ₳
Extra rewards per epoch 2 ₳ 17% - 46% extra rewards!
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Extra rewards per epoch 6 ₳ 25% - 50% extra rewards!
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Bracket 50,001 ₳ 150,000 ₳
Extra rewards per epoch 14 ₳ 19% - 58% extra rewards!

Patron program payments